Welcome to Startool, Inc.

Founded in 1996 and located in Orange County in the city of Garden Grove, California, Startool, Inc. specializes in manufacturing all kinds of bits. Startool, Inc. bits are produced from carbide renowned for its durability, and have become a staple in the nail and beauty industry across the world.

Having been influenced by Japanese work ethics with emphasis on product quality and durability, Startool, Inc. is keen on setting high standards and using high technology. Our products are manufactured in the United States, ensuring customers’ confidence and complete satisfaction with their purchase.

Our manufacturing process using CNC machines with four to five "AXIS" is extremely precise, with a deviation of 5/1000 inch. The system "loads" and "unloads" automatically, cutting production costs, and therefore allowing us to improve by developing advanced techniques to produce new products. Above all, achieving high-quality products at an affordable price to serve and meet the needs of all nail professionals is our main priority.

On behalf of the Startool Team, we would like to thank all wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers for your continued trust and support.


Startool Team

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